What are the effects of syphilis on pregnancy?

Devasting 4 baby. Syphilis can cause serious congenital complications for a baby. Getting it treated is extremely important. The testing is simple and the treatment is penicillin shots. This can be fatal for infants. Surviving infants can suffer from failure to thrive, severe rash, no bridge to the nose, chronic nasal discharge and other complications. Get tested and treated.
Syphilis in preg. Syphilis during pregnancy can have significant congenital effects on the baby while it's developing. That why as part of the initial blood screening of pregnant women a screening for syphilis is carried out. The defects depend age the stage of pregnancy when the active disease is contracted. Prompt treatment is the only the main course of action. A sonogram may be helpful to r/o fetal defects.
Severe. Syphilis in pregnancy can cause developmental problems, blindness, deafness, stillborn, etc. It can be treated with penicillin.
Infected baby. Penicillin, which is one of the safest drugs in pregnancy, effectively treats syphilis and will prevent spreading the infection to your baby.