Just got my wisdom teeth removed and have dry sockets, are there any alternatives to antibiotics for this?

Antibiotics. There is a colloidal silver solution for oral usage that may be helpful in place of antibiotics. The solution can be gargled and swallowed. Alternatively, some people will gargle with a salt solution and then spit it out. Both these treatments have a moderate effect on infections.
Yes. Antibiotics are for infections. A dry socket is not an infection. It is basically an exposed part of bone that has lost it's blood clot. The usual treatment for a dry socket is a dry socket dressing that is placed into the affected socket in a surgeon's office.
Yes. You can return to your dentist or surgeon who may irrigate or rinse the affected site with saline or another irrigant to remove any debris that may have collected in the extraction site. There are a number of medicated dressings that are available and used to place in the socket to provide relief that do not contain antibiotics.

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Pain in cheeks and chin 9 days after having 4 wisdom teeth removed. Pain meds help. My dr says I don't have dry sockets. When will pain subside?

Wisdom teeth removed. It is not unusual to have some lingering pain after the removeal of wisdom teeth, especially if a lot of bone was removed. Have you returned for a post-op exam? If not, call for an appointment to have the area checked. If the pain does not subside in another week, return to the surgeon and have the area checked.

Pain in cheeks and chin 9 days after having 4 wisdom teeth removed. Pain meds help. My dr says I do not have dry sockets. When will pain subside?

Dry socket. Very often the pain from dry socket starts at approx. 48 hrs after you had the extraction. Dry socket is most common in females on birth control pills. Pain from dry socket is extreme. If treated, pain relief begins immediately.

I'm on my 6th day after getting my wisdom teeth removed. I feel little to no pain. Am I in the clear for dry sockets?

3rd molars. I would say you're probably in the clear.
Probably. But make sure you continue to follow your Oral Surgeon's post-treatment instructions to the letter.
Most likely. Usually dry socket starts on the third or fourth day after surgery. You can help avoid a dry socket by keeping a good oral hygiene. Take care.

Just got my four wisdom teeth removed and the bottom two were impacted how long until I'm safe from dry socket and eating normally again? No sutures.

Dry socket. A dry socket usually presents about two to three days after the extraction, with extreme pain when it wasn't that bad previously. By 4-5 days you should be pretty confident everything is healing well. Check with your own dentist if you have any questions.

What causes a dry socket after wisdom teeth? I'm going to have my wisdom teeth removed, and am worried about dry socket. What causes it? .

"Dry. "dry socket" refers to a condition where the blood clot that develops in the socket after a tooth extraction breaks down or is sucked out resulting in the exposure of the underlying bone. This this condition exposes the underlying nerves leading to extreme pain, death of the superficial layer of exposed bone and delayed healing. Pain medications are not capable of controlling the pain. Treatment, performed by the extracting dentist, consists of irrigating the socket out to remove debris and placing a sedative dressing. This procedure is repeated over the next several days. Patients at high risk include smokers who inhale the hot caustic gases. Trying to smoke with gauze in the mouth does not prevent dry sockets. Though second hand smoke has been documented to have a detrimental effect on your health it will not in and of itself cause a dry socket.
Difficult extraction. Excessive trauma is thought to be the main cause. Very difficult impactions are best handled by an oral surgeon to maximize skill and minimize post op complications. However dry sockets do occur from time to time.

4 wisdom teeth removed 7 days ago am I clear of dry socket? I have no harsh pain just achy. Dissolve Stitches are also in still what should I do?

Should be OK. 7 days is past the risk window for a dry socket. Significant pain and a foul taste are indications of that post-extraction complication. Depending on the complexity of the extractions a little achiness a week out is probably normal. If it isn't resolving in a few days, get it looked at though. Good Luck!

I had all four wisdom teeth removed. Dry socket risks?

Risk factors. Dry sockets are usually associated with the removal of teeth from the lower jaw during the first 2-5 days following surgery. Dry sockets may occur in 5% to 10% of patients having extractions performed. Smoking, over zealous rinsing, spitting, and drinking with a straw may increase the risk of a dry socket. A foul taste and pain are the usual symptoms.
Dry Socket. Always a possibility. The more teeth extracted, the more sites available to be susceptible to dry socket. Dry socket usually occurs with the lower teeth.