What specific juices can be used to detox your body?

1. The most helpful for detoxing are the cruciferous vegetables and lemon. These both help the liver and the kidneys. The cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and cabbage. The inherent sulfur molecules help the liver to work much more effectively. Lemon juice helps the bile ducts put out more bile and helps the kidneys remove more in the urine.
Detox is a 24/7 job. handled by multiple tissues & organs of body. Food processors perform focus group studies of formulas, sales & packaging options to see what sells best, thus Yes, addictive to ? sales. Efficacy & safety require expensive double blind placebo controlled prospective clinical trials for any scientific validity (thus Not Done). See OTC industry commercial https://goo.gl/uRrY78: exempt them from proof.
Fresh & organic. Dr spurlock provided a good answer. Juices for detoxification should be fresh, organic and raw. It is best to make them just prior to drinking to maintain integrity of the enzymes.