Can red raspberry leaf tea help with infertility?

No. Sorry, but no. No kind of tea, red raspberry, green or any other, has any validated impact whatsoever on reproductive physiology or spontaneous conception.
Not sure. I usually recommend avoidiong herbal remedies when you are trying to conceive. It is possible this tea may help, but there are not enough studies. The issue is safety - herbal remedies are not regulated by the fda and may contain impurities and dosing may be incorrect. This can lead to complications. Please discuss this with your doctor before taking! www.Sbivf.Com, schen@sbivf.Com.

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Is red raspberry leaves tea and raspberry leaves tea the same? Or red one is different? I need it for labor induction

Raspberry. Never heard of raspberry tea to help induce labor, not sure there is much difference between the two. I would talk to your OB before trying to induce labor though. Read more...

Can red raspberry leaf tea prevent you from going into labor when you are full term?

No. Nobody knows what makes women go into labor. Something happens and there are changes the levels of certain hormones, such as decreasing Progesterone and increasing oxytocin, and then contractions start. There is no natural way to prevent going into labor at term, because humans are not suppose to stop labor when the baby is due to come out. Read more...