Are there any homeopathic remedies for a throat infection during pregnancy?

Yes. Homeopathy is my favorite treatment for ailments during pregnancy since, unlike most medicines and even herbs (both of which seldom are tested for safety in pregnancy) it is quite safe (& often highly effective). But 10 people with sore throats may need 10 different remedies. See http://www. Homeopathic. Com/articles/using_homeopathy_for_ailments/homeopathic_medicines_for_sore_throat. Html.
If Strep Throat-No. If you have a documented strep throat, thru a throat culture or rapid antigen test, antibiotics are absolutely necessary!

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I have throat infection.. Tell me home remedy?

Get seen. If you have a throat infection serious enough for you to write healthtap, a physician should look at it and decide whether it should be treated as strep throat (which is very dangerous and has no home cure), or one of the infectious mononucleosis syndromes (epstein-barr is best known, but the one to rule out is acute HIV infection.) for pain relief, drug stores offer topical anesthetics.
Several. 1. Soft foods 2. Tylenol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen 3. Humidifier/vaporizer if this does not help, or if your symptoms worsen, you should see your doctor since things like bacterial throat infections require antibiotics and can't be adequately treated with home remedies alone.

What would be the symptoms of a heart and throat infection from an infected wisdom tooth and what treatment is needed?

Too complex. To complex a question to Answer in 400 characters. Do NOT try to self diagnose. Any infection can be extremely dangerous, even lethal. You must see Dentist or Physician immediately to treat the infection. You, have choice of Family Dentist, Family Physician, Urgent Care, Oral Surgeon, ER, or any other qualified practitioner. YOU CANNOT TREAT THIS YOURSELF, YOU NEED IMMEDIATE PROFESSIONAL CARE.

How long can azithromycin be taken safely? [for long term treatment] if one has recurrent sinus +chest +throat infection in one go?

Months. There are certain chronic infections that are very difficult to treat, an dpeople can be on antibiotic regimens that include Azithromycin for over a year. People need to be monitored to make sure their white blood cells, liver, and kidneys are ok, but Azithromycin tends to be a relatively safe antibiotic. The question is whether other interventions in addition to antibiotics will help.

Had a throat infection. 4 months later still hav large tonsils no pain. Swabbed it myself as dr dismissed me! Found group a strep. Is Treatment needed?

Not necessarily. Group A strep is a common bacteria in your system and can grow on culture but usually does not cause infections unless immune system is very low Tonsils because of infections can stay big for a long time but can be free of infection If you have a hard time swallowing or other problems with your throat go to an ENT provider for an evaluation I would not treat a group A strep unless additional sy.
No. Antibiotics are given to prevent Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD), NOT to cure the sore throat. At best they may reduce the duration of symptoms by 16 hours. The incidence of Rheumatic Fever (RF) in the U.S. is one in a million cases of strep throat. Only one out of three patients with RF develop RHD. For every three million antibiotic Rx's only one case of RHD is prevented. **See my comments below: