Are there any home remedies for curing ear infections?

NO. There are no proven home remedies that cure middle ear infections. Remember studies properly done using comparison groups demonstrate ear infections may get better with no interventions at all. Recent research proves efficacy of antibiotics. I have seen no comparable proof for home remedies such as chiropractery, candling etc.
Otitis externa. Middle ear infection has no home remedy. But external ear infection (swimmer's ear) has several excellent home remedies: Make your own Acetic Acid drops by diluting white vinegar 50/50 with distilled water (1-to-1 ratio) to make your own 2.5% Acetic Acid ear drops! This treats acute otitis externa as well as chronic fungal otitis. Keep ear canal dry with medical alcohol drops for prevention.

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Good home remedy for ear infection?

Depends. There are several types of ear infections. Inner, middle, and external or outer. You need to be specific when asking a question. The typical swimmer's ear is an outer infection. You can treat that with a 50:50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and clear vinegar (acetic acid) applied with an ear syringe 2-3 times a day. If that doesn't work in 7 days, see ENT doctor.

What home remedy can help an ear infection from hurting?

Home remedy ear pain. You can use warm compress and over the counter pain medication such as Ibuprofen or tylenol (acetaminophen). However the cause of the infection must be treated in order to get rid of it. You many need antibiotics or ear cleaning by your doctor.

Any good home remedy for an ear infection that someone might recommend?

Ear infection. It is somewhat unusual to have an ear infection as an adult. There are several different types of ear infections, though, and this would need to be distinguished before any kind of treatment could be effectively recommended. Need a bit more information on the kinds of symptoms you are suffering. Also, you may need an evaluation to determine what kind of ear infection you have.

Is there a home remedy for a mid ear infection?

Yes & no. Some of these are just self healing viruses or mild eustachian tube dysfunction, so treating with a pain reliever like Ibuprofen for a couple of days may be all you need. If it does not improve, there are no "home" treatments for a germ producing pus collection in the middle ear. That would need to be verified and treated with prescription meds.
No. A middle ear infection usually means fluid and infection behind the ear drum. This can lead to ear drum rupture and loss of hearing. Ear drops do not help this kind of infection though if the infection is viral only it may clear on its own. See your doctor.

What is a home remedy for ear infections?

Olive oil. Some people will use cotton ball dipped in olive oil and then placed in the ear canal.

Any home remedy to help an ear infections that someone might recommend?

Keep them open. A decongestant and/or antihistamine will help reduce swelling in the eustachian tube, which is usually a key contributor to middle ear infections. (pseudoephedrine or afrin). Also, tobacco or other smoke is an irritant to the eustachian tubes, so avoid. If no improvement in 24-48 hours, will need to get seen by dr / urgent care / ent.
Garlic/mullein. Health food stores sell garlic/mullein oil that relieves the pain.

I have ear infection. I have been using home remedy but it not going away. 2nd time this hsppened to me. There is no pain but right ear feels full.?

Effusion. You likely has ear effusion. Need to see a doctor who will check your ear to determine if you need medication or it will resolve of its own.
Are you sure you. Have an ear infection? Is this self diagnosed based on ur feeling of fullness in ur ear? This may just be because u are all so stuffed up from allergies, sinus congestion, clogged eustachian tube. If this is d case all u need is a good decongestant histamine to make u feel better. U can chew gum, yawn or pop your ears by blowing ur nose against pinched nostrils. See md for antibiotic if infected.
Also. Make sure you don't have impacted earwax in your ear canal. Just the same go see your doctor for once.

Looking for a home remedy for a ear infection. I'm dizzy, heating lose, no drainage.?

Ear infection. Is it the ear canal or the middle ear that is involved? For outer ear/otitis externa/ swimmer's ear there are otc treatments available. Dizziness, however, suggests otitis media & possible labyrinthitis (infection/ inflammation in the balance mechanism). Otc decongestant may help; otc dramamine (dimenhydrinate) (low dose to prevent side effects) can help with dizziness. If not better in couple days, see fp for tx.