Are there any alternative treatments for molluscum?

Molluscumrx. Molluscumrx is an alternative herbal treatment which slowly removes molluscum. Used twice daily for a few weeks, only slightly irritating.
Molluscum. The lsions usually regress spontaneou can be remsly in about 3 months. The lesions can be removed usind a dermatologic curette or chemically using tca, a medication applied topically.
Home Rx's. Since the illness self-cures, it's not surprising that the internet is full of anecdotes about the success of this-and-that alternative cure working. If I had molluscum, I'd consider taking a piece of dry ice to it. Your physician's your best guide though, especially if it's a youngster who's affected. Often it's passed around in the family; this is a great time for hand-washing.