Is there an alternative treatment to get rid of belly fat?

Yes. I do not know your specific situation. Consider a trial of a whole foods plant based vegan diet along with exercise. If you are concerned about getting enough protein, eat nuts, seeds, beans and maybe some grains (if allergies/sensitivities to these do not exist). If your digestive system tolerates these, eat lots of vegetable salads, homemade vegetable soups, raw seeds and nuts.
No. Belly fat can be lost in three ways. If a person eats fewer calories than he needs to live on each day, his body will use the stored fuel (fat). If a person exercises more than he did before, but does not start eating more calories, then his body will also use the stored fat. A surgeon can remove fat cells containing the fat, but the person will regain fat in stranger places if he overeats later.

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If not L Carnitine than what is an alternative supplement advisable to get rid of belly fat?

We loose weight. over our entire body. Spot reducing is not effective. The amount of running or other exercise that helps depends on your present weight and metabolism. If your doc clears you for exercise go for it, same w/lower carb food plan. Overall health is the best goal. Peace and good health. Ask a personal trainer about "stomach crunches" to tone up your belly muscles a bit. Read more...