How can I handle caregiving for multiple family members?

Support system. Sounds like it could be a challenging task. Suggest you take steps to develop a support network to help you help others. It's also important you don't neglect yourself in the process so include time to do the things you need to take care of yourself. Look into home health/home companions. Check 4 local resources through religious orgs, public sector. Doctor's office may point u in right direction.
Get support! Caregiving can be highly stressful and can lead to depression and other health problems. Caregivers must take good care of themselves. It may be helpful to divide the caregiving responsibilities among multiple family members, friends or neighbors. Caregivers should participate in support groups to share their experiences with others.
Know your limits. Share your thoughts & feelings with others who can understand & support you. Accept help when it is offered. Know when to ask for the help. There are support groups for caretakers in local communities (such as for Alzheimer’s, MS or the Elderly). Spend time with other people who you enjoy and care about. Research professional care-giving services.