How can I get my mother to eat more in the nursing home?

Slow and Steady. Elderly often need a lot more time to complete a meal, so the old adage patience is a virtue never holds truer. Medications such as mitrazepine and megasterol can be considered with her doctor's approval. Matching diet consistencies with people's abilities such as lack of teeth, inability to chew are important considerations. Facility dieticians are often a great resource to tap into.
Patients & trial. Remove dietary restrictions, frequent feedings, finger foods & preferred menus should help. Appetite stimulants not generally helpful.

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How can I get my mother to exercise more in her nursing home?

Ask her. Some options: 1. Ask her if she will do this. 2. Speak to the staff to see if they can encourage her more. 3. You could arrange to pick her up and take her out on pass, go somewhere where she will have to walk a short distance. Sometimes you can get them to "exercise" by using a little bit of subterfuge.
Difficult. It may only be your personal involvement with the exercise program that could help, but even then it may not - always a challenging situation.

How can I get my parent to be excited spending the holiday in the nursing home?

Be there with them. Much depends on why they are in the nursing home now. Did they have a stroke and now there are some things that they just can't do? You could help them a lot, by telling them, I will be here every _____ days to visit you.
Check with NH staff. Check with the staff at the nursing home which activities they will have, which food is going to be served. Find with local churches or non profit organizations which religious services, concerts, dinners or activities they may offer to that nursing home. Find what your parents would appreciate at the nursing home & discuss with the staff t the nursing home.

Careful what I eat. Visited by parent from nursing home and teen who spend summer abroad. Could I have gotten upset bowel from them?

Unlikely. I guess you could have some sort of unusual virus, but I doubt it. A lot of things are possible, but not necessarily probable. Maybe the visits were stressful for you in some way, and it caused a 'bout of something called irritable bowel syndrome. There are some treatments for this condition, which is not uncommon. I suggest an examination by your doctor. I treat my patients with ibs with bentyl (dicyclomine).
Common things. Common things occur commonly, rare things occur rarely. The most common (and likely) reason is a GI virus. Gi viruses are exceedingly common in the summer in the northern hemispheres. The visits were probably coincidental. If it is a virus, it will likely resolve itself in a few days. If abdominal symptoms continue, see your doctor.

What does it mean if I don't like the medication given to my mother in a nursing home?

Communication. First put down your thoughts about why you don't like the medication-side effects? Then make an appt with the doctor and discuss your concerns and ask for alternatives.

What could be causing my mothers nausea in a nursing home?

Lots of things. Nausea is a common but non-specific symptom present in many diseases. Common causes in nursing home patients include medication side-effects, infections (pneumonia, uti, etc), gastritis, ulcers, gallstones, delayed gastric emptying, and heart disease to name a few.

How can I find a nursing home for my 95 year-old mother?

Nursing home. Decide on your list of priorities. Quality, staffing, cleanliness, cost, physician, nurse practitioner, is hospice available, activities, types of rooms, etc. Ask for a tour of the facility. Go online to cms. Gov to look for a comparison of the quality measures for the facilities that you are considering. Talk directly with residents and their children about their experiences.