Are there minimum requirements of a caregiver in a nursing home?

Yes. Nursing homes must have registered nurses supervising lpns or licensed practical nurses. Some nursing homes have physical therapists if they provide rehabilitation. There are many organizations that regulate these places for quality control issues. In my state of florida the regulations are : https://www. Flrules. Org/gateway/chapterhome. Asp? Chapter=59a-4.

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What does a caregiver do in nursing home?

Talk to the staff. I would discuss this with the staff at the home and her doctor.

Should a nursing home meet my needs as a caregiver?

They should try! I beleive it is the desire of most every nursing home to try to meet the needs of the resident and those of the family and caregivers. If you are a caregaiver, you shold have a frank and open dialog with those in the nursing home who are caring for your loved one and also with the administration of the nh. Let them know your desires and needs and work openly, sincerely and genuinely to take the.

Do caregivers get legal rights if they are the sole relationship a nursing home attendant has?

Probably not. Your first legal obligation is to your employer. You might feel you have an ethical or moral obligation to the nursing home patient you can for, but that gives you no legal rights since you are not related by marriage or other kinship. You would probably have to go court to be granted any legal right like guardianship or conservatorship.