My husband unemployment is making him depressed, how can I help him?

Do not blame. Do not blame, do not accuse him. Go with him to look for a job. Help him to prepare a resume or curriculum vitae. Help him to apply over the internet. Tell your fiends, get the word out he needs a job. Encourage him to do volunteer work or o take a not well remunerated job in the meantime. Suggest to conider o learn something new or complementary to his occupation . Might need antidepressants.
Medicine, counseling. Many unemployed people do not get psychological problems due to losing jobs. However, one may get anxiety due to worrying a lot. One may get depression symptoms due to feeling hopeless, unappreciated, worthless, etc... Family interactions may worsen if there were already problems at home. Depression is treated with medicine & counseling. For suicidal thoughts or severe symptoms, one must call 911.