What is motor neuron disease?

Motor neuron disease. Motor neuron disease is a group of poorly understood degenerative conditions of the nervous system. The one known most commonly is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, better known as lou gehrig's disease. The disease causes the nerves supplying muscles in the spinal cord to die off gradually causing progressive weakness in the limbs and the face including swallowing muscles. There is no cure at this time.
Neuromuscular diseas. A disease that affects were the nerves going to the muscle originate from. Als or lou gehrigs disease is the most common seen.

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What is motor neuron disease and how is it treated?

See below. Previously termed "lou gehrig's disease", the process destroys motor nerve cells and leads to muscle atrophy weakness, swallowing and breathing difficulties. The sole approved drug is Riluzole which may delay tracheostomy. Treatment is basically symptomatic and supportive, but patients succumb nonetheless. There is no cure.

What is motor neuron disease? How does it affect you?

Bad disease. Called Lou Gehrig's disease, it causes motor nerve cells to die resulting in muscle weakness and atrophy, with eventual problems both breathing and swallowing. There is NO cure, and medications are of little value. Most cases are sporadic, but a few familial.

What work best to treat motor neuron disease?

Rilutek (riluzole) and support. The only medication that has been fda approved for motor neuron disease is rilutek- it is expensive, but does show a clearly prolonged lifespan. One critical aspect to care of patients with motor neuron disease is enrollment in a multidisciplinary clinic, where the many needs (dietary, pulmonary, speech, mobility, etc.) of these patients can be addressed in a comprehensive manner.

What do you recommend for motor neuron disease?

Motor neuron disease. Motor neuron diseae such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als) can be managed by a multidisciplinary team consisting of a neurologist, a physical medicine & rehab specialist, a physical/occupational therapist, a nutritionist, a speech therapist, a nutritionist, a respiratory therapist, a psychologist and a support group. Riluzole may slightlly extend the lifespan.