Are medications necessary to treat learning disabilities?

Depends on issues. Learning disabilities are seen in some kids with add or adhd (30-40%) & in that context medications for the add may ease tthe work for the ld. The LD itself is more of a faulty wiring issue where the brain has perticular trouble in a specific area like math. There are no LD pills, herbs etc that I know of. Most therapy works at using multiple modalities to bypass any weak areas to gain skills.
No. In the academic realm, medications are used to treat ADHD. There are no medications that are commonly used to treat learning disabilities. There is some date to indicate that Amantadine and Memantine may be helpful improving memory and encouraging language useage.
No. There are no medications, in fact, which are approved by the fda or are indicated for learning disabilities. That means, there are no drugs which have been proven to be safe or effective for such a use. Good luck.