What can I expect in occupational therapy for my disabled child?

Hopeful improvement. Hi...Occupational therapy (along with other rebailitative services) can be very helpful to children with a broad spectrum of developmental disabilities. Your child(and I do not know the exact nature of the disability) can expect to gain better functioning and adaptation to the world around; and, as a result, be able to be more interactive with the various things in that world.
Hopeful improvement. Follow up of progress and communication.

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How can occupational therapy help my disabled child?

With family help too. It really depends on the severity and the specific disability. However, typically an ot will work with your child and your family to assist in increasing functionality of the activities of daily living, whether that means toilet training, eating and dressing as examples. Guidance and assistance where needed are specified and addressed and then a plan for more independent living is instituted. Read more...
Depends. It really depends on the disability. The term occupational therapy is really inaccurate. In most cases it has nothing to do with an occupation. Ots are trained to help people with disabilities learn compensatory strategies to maximize their function. They also tend to focus on problems related to use of the upper extremities in particular. Ots work with kids all the time and are extremely helpful. Read more...