Can you suggest some heart exercises that I can do after open heart surgery?

Walking. The easiest and safest exercise is walking, but consult with your cardiologist before starting an exercise program and periodically afterwards.
Aerobic. Aerobic exercises (such as walking) are preferred as opposed to resistance exercises (such as weightlifting). Exercise does not improve the strength of the heart but improves the efficiency of the rest of the body so less demand is placed on the heart. In most cases, cardiac rehabilitation is available either as an inpatient or outpatient after heart surgery.

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What person lived longest after open heart surgery?

Non likely known. Well one of my patients had the surgery in 1972 so that's about forty years. She is doing fine so maybe she will be #1 someday but I doubt if anyone knows. I'm sure someone can beat 40 years.
Unknown. Most people after heart surgery are at the mercy of their disease. Surgery will prolong survival in all patients which is why it is chosen.

What are the foods to be avoided after open heart surgery?

Valve or vessel? Prudent diet good idea for all. Avoid high fat, sugary, high salt, processed meats, processed grains. Eat more vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, whole train bread, cereal, pasta, low fat or no fat dairy, poultry, fish. Dash diet (online): dietary approach to stop hypertension is tasty, nutritious, easy, has data supporting its use. There are others as well. Talk to dietician.
Post bypass surgery. Avoid fatty goods & high sodium. Eat a well balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits & vegetables.

How to prevent infection after open heart surgery?

Surgery. Keep wounds clean, breath deeply to keep lungs expanded, take meds as prescribed, minimize contact with others.
Multiple. Well cleaned preop bactrian nasally excellent prophylactic antibiotics given on time careful prep of skin excellent surgical technique and tissue handling and careful closure Ŕll are standard practices but there is still an incidence if infection: diabetes obesity contamination etc.