My hands and feet sometimes turn blue and I have frequent heart palpitations. What kind of tests should I get done?

Several. Electolyte levels, especially calciium, thyroid hormone levels, and 24-hr urine test looking for catecholamines and their metabolites.
See your LMD. A great starting point is a good history and physical examination. While technology is impressive, a good examination by your primary care or local medical doctor (lmd) is the starting point to find the cause of your problem. Once the exam is complete, your doctor will order appropriate tests and/or refer you to specialists as needed.

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I get heart palpitations from time to time and also get pins and needles in my arms and hands im only 22 what could this be?

Probably not serious. Although these symptoms may be due to real disease processes, the constellation of these associated symptoms in a 22 year old raise the spectre of hyperventilation syndrome, a benign situation with the rapid heart rate and tingling due to the physiologic and biochemical changes in the body induced by Adrenalin and elevation of the pH by overbreathing. To be safe, talk to your doctor.
Hyperventilation? Heart palpitations are common, and often benign. The tingling in your arms and hands may be a result of hyperventilation from anxiety. I would recommend you see your doctor for a checkup.

For the past 5 days 3 - 4 times a day I get a dull throbbing pain on top of my lower left forearm, about 2 - 3 inches above my wrist. I have heart palpitations my entire life and have seen doctors about it. I am worried this has something to do with my he

Concern appropriate. Important factors that can help lead to an answer to this concern are your age, family history, other problems such as hypertension, diabetes, any prior cardiac or vascular disease. It is true that heart pain can be referred to other areas, such as left shoulder, left arm, jaw, even right arm. Does it occur with activity, or stress, what relieves the ache--al important. Is it a neck problem?
Checkup. Although this is possibly heart related, it seems to be forearm related; nonetheless, go to your doctor and get an EKG as well as an examination and xray of your forearm. Worrying will only increase your palptitiations, which should also be checked. You may need medication for anxiety.

I have a constant pain in my upper left side that radiates from my chest to my wrist. Sometimes my heart palpitations it takes my breath. Any idea?

Chest pain. Absent further information such as age, comorbid conditions etc the best suggestion is to assume the worst and seek medical evaluation ASAP.