Is it true that if a person is having a heart attack, he also has high blood pressure?

No. People can have heart attacks for a variety of reasons. One of them is high blood pressure, but others include coronary artery disease, drugs, coronary spasm and many more; not necessarily associated with high blood pressure.
Htn. Htn is not a cause of heart attack. Htn may increase risk of heart attack (that's why we treat htn). We watch the blood pressure during a heart attack to prevent elevated BP or hypotension (low bp), both can happen during a heart attack.
Not necessarily. The stress of the pain or fear related to the heart attack can raise the blood pressure but does not always do so. If the heart is badly damaged, the blood pressure can actually get too low.
Sometimes. Patients having a heart attack may be having pain and the pain causes them to have increase blood pressure. Also, there are certain molecules released into the blood when a patient is having a heart attach that can cause the blood pressure to go up. Htn can cause heart attack. Having said that, at times patients can have low blood pressure while having a heart attach due to damage of the heart.
Not true. High blood pressure can make risk of heart attack greater. .. And something stressful that causes a heart attack can initially also cause high blood pressure. .. But a heart attack usually will cause ones' blood pressure to drop. ..

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Can high blood pressure cause heart attack?

Not the main. Hypertension causes left ventricular hypertrophy and strain and heart failure. Concomitant coronary disease can occur and infarction can happen hypertension is also asso. With aortic tear-dissection and that can involve coronaries and cause infarction. More to the entire story but that' s a start.

Can my high blood pressure lead to a heart attack?

Yes. High blood pressure is one of the major risk factors for heart attacks. If you have it, take steps to keep it under control with health diet, regular exercise, weight loss if needed, limited alcohol consumption, avoidance of tobacco and medications if needed. You should also find out what other risk factors for heart attack or stroke you have and address them as well.
Yes. Yes eventually it will contribute to an increased risk.

Why does high blood pressure cause a heart attack?

Atherosclerosis. Hypertension is a major cause of atherosclerosis which may cause heart attacks.
May not. Many people with high BP do not have heart attacks. The heart is strained and hypertrophied, and in the presence of atherosclerosis may have obstruction and dissection, or plaque disruption to create a heart attack.

Do I need to have high blood pressure to have a heart attack?

No. Independent variables that can happen together but not always.
No. High blood pressure is only one risk factor for heart attack. Others include smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol, age, and family history of heart disease. It is such a common problem, there are some patients that have none of these risk factors, but still have heart attacks.

Can it take many years for high blood pressure to cause heart attack?

Yes. High blood pressure along with high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, family history all contribute to the development of atherosclerosis. It is the rupture of these plaques in coronary arteries that causes heart attacks. It takes years to develop significant atherosclerotic plaques.

For high blood pressure to cause heart attack how long must it be high?

Impossible to answer. Believe it or not, htn, while a risk factor, is a relatively weak risk factor for heart attack. It's a big risk factor for stroke and congestive heart failure. (also kidney failure). Generally, risk factors must be present for decades to cause a heart attack, thus the "coronary prone age" is usually considered to be >55 for men and >65 for women (with many younger exceptions!).
Years. High blood pressure contributes to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in coronary arteries. This process takes years to develop.

Please tell me how long it takes for high blood pressure to cause heart attack?

Risk factor. High blood pressure contributes to atherosclerosis and plaque in the coronary arteries along with high cholesterol, and if left untreated it takes several years for it to cause heart attack when eventually there is instability in the plaque and prduces a clot that causes blockage to blood supply to the heart muscle causing heart attack.
Not specific. Atherosclerosis develops over time and can occur without hypertension= high blood pressure! Heart attacks frequently occur without hypertension history.