What exactly is a bone spur?

A bone prominence. Bone spurs can occur anywhere and when not associated with arthritis are usually painless. Sometimes they can cause irritation of a tendon or ligame leading to pain.
Bone build-up. It's a ridge of bone that develops where a tendon or a ligament attaches to a bone after repeated stress. For instance, it can develop in the front of the heel bone in people who are runners, have flat feet and plantar fasciitis. It is called a spur because, when you see it from the side on an x-ray, it looks like a spur rather than a ridge.

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What exactly are bone spurs and how can they be treated?

Bone spurs . Build up of bone around joints from trauma or abnormal wear and tear. Spurs around the heel are cause from ligaments and tendons pulling on the bone. Spurs are generally not treated unless they are causing pain. The only way to get rid of a spur is to physically remove it(surgery). Nsaid's and steroids may be helpful for general joint pain. Read more...