My head starts to feel very pressured, my ears start ringing, and I get weak and dizzy- is this a migraine?

Maybe. If you have a history of migraines.. Yes.. This could be migraine. If there is any associated hearing loss... This may be related to dysfunction of your inner ear as well. If you have other neurologic symptoms... Slurred speech/ weakness in your arms or legs... I'd be concerned about stroke.
Possibly. Those are all common symptoms related to migraines, but are not definitive and could be from something else. You should see a physician, get examined, get a solid diagnosis, and begin finding a treatment or solution. You may want to consider teeth clenching/grinding as a possible cause as all of these symptoms can come from that, too. So maybe see your dentist as well.

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When I sit up, get electric-like head tingling, head pressure, dizzy, air-flow noise, sharp pains in head then severe migraine. What could cause that?

R/O MIGRAINE . The 4 basic headaches are Tension, Sinus,migraine and cluster. MIGRAINES can have a PRODROME beforehand . Rest /ice and a darkened room may help. Also a NSAID like Aleve (naproxen) /daypro. /Triptans. HI FLOW O2. Meditation/Yoga/Biofeedback. GF DIET You need a full exam an blood work to be through. If symptoms worsen seek medical evaluation . Read more...

Can I be sure dizziness, nausea, sensitivity to light, and dull head pressure (no extreme pain) is actually migraine? Can it be something else?

See your PCP. Migraine is a complex disorder and in order to receive proper treatment for migraine, a correct diagnosis must be made. See your PCP for consultation and migraine management. Read more...