Does getting cold very easily have anything to do with getting migraines?

Probably not. People who get colds a lot often have the following in common:they are exposed to sick people (young kids or health care workers), or they have an immune system which tends to react to viral infections enthusiastically-- causing the symtpoms of a cold. Migraines can be triggered by stress- physical or emotional, so colds or even cold meds can trigger migraines, but they have different causes.
Quite possibly. There are various reasons one might get cold easily; the 1st thing i consider in someone with this is hypothyroidism & research shows that it is common in migraineurs & treating it often helps- see http://headaches.About.Com/od/comorbidconditions/a/thyroid_comorb.Htm.Other conditions ass. With feeling cold include adrenal fatigue, autonomic dysfunction & pyrroluria- all can be related to migraines!