It feels like the inside of my penis is itching whats going on? it kinda feels scratchy when i pee or sometimes it burns



You may have an early urinary tract infection. Signs are burning urine, wanting to go to pee often (frequency), and a feeling that you cannot quite empty your bladder. Females usually get them easier than males due to the irritation that the end of the pee pipe (urethra) gets when having sex. This then gets inflamed, swollen, and bacteria present from a change in the acidity of the vagina after ejaculation of semen, can enter the urinary system. The best thing to do is to hydrate well, pass urine after sexual intercourse, and practice good urinary hygiene. If you are NOT sexually active, there could be an anatomical/physical problem. It is very important that you go and be seen by a physician, get evaluated, examined, and give a urine sample that can be tested for bacteria. Some women get frequent urinary tract infections, and need to take a mild antibiotic every time after sexual intercourse. This is meant as a guide only, and in no way should take the place of an examination and consultation with a health care professional.
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