What is microcytosis?

Small RBCs. Microcytosis literally means small cells. In medicine, it refers to the red blood cells. Microcytic rbcs are smaller than usual and hint at an underlying problem with the cells.

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What causes microcytosis?

Low Fe. Microcytic rbcs can be caused by a number of things but, by far, the most common cause is iron deficiency. This can be caused by a low dietary intake of iron, poor absorption of iron for some reason, or blood loss. In pre-menopausal, post-pubertal women, the most common cause is blood loss from monthly menstrual flow. Low iron intake exacerbates this. Read more...

My complete blood result is RBCs show hypochromia and microcytosis what that mean and is that cause dizziness, headache, and low pressure?

Anemia? These appearances of your red blood cells are consistent with iron deficiciency anema. However, these reports are less important than the numbers: RBC count, hematocrit, hemoglobin, and blood iron measurements. If you have faiirly severe anemia, it could cause dizziness and maybe headache, but probably not low blood pressure. Discuss with your doctor. Read more...