What are the symptoms of leiden factor v?

Clotting. Factor v leiden is a genetic mutation in one of the blood's clotting proteins. People with this mutation are at higher risk of forming blood clots.
Clotting or not. Most people with this disorder are at increased risk for clots. It is not a rare condition in some populations. Some people do not have a problem with clots unless another condition that causes clots such as surgery occurs.

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Does leiden factor v have any symptoms when not pregnant? What can be associated with this? (blood pressure or something?) thanks

Blood clots . Factor v leiden is an inherited mutation that is associated with modest increase in the risk of blood clots if you have one copy of the mutation and high if you have 2 copies. Most people have one copy (heterozygous). If a blood clot develops, you need a course of blood thinner. If never had a blood clot, i recommend using preventive blood thinner in high risk situation (surgery, long trip, etc). Read more...