How could my blood type affect my future child?

It won't. This will only be an issue if there is a question of paternity.
It doesn't . Blood type, by itself, won't cause problems with your child. If the mother has a negative rh factor (reported with the blood type e.g. B+ vs. B-) and the father is positive, that may cause an issue for the fetus but this is easily managed by the obstetrician with a simple medication. Certain genetic conditions you have or carry might affect your child though. Discuss with your doctors.

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How could my spouses blood type affect my future child?

Jaundice. If you have type o or negative blood, and your spouse is different, your child could be born with type a or b, or rh pos blood. If that happens, there could be an antibody reaction at birth. However, hospitals test for that, and if it's noted there's a difference, they look for jaundice and treat it if seen. Truthfully, as it's caught early, it's not that big a deal anymore. Read more...