Is anemia curable?

Depends. There are many types of anemia, and several causes for each type. Some are curable, others aren't.
Depends. That all depends on the cause of the anemia. There are many causes of anemia. If due to a vitamin/mineral deficiency like fe, b12, or folate, (folic acid) then usually you can "cure" the anemia by appropriate supplementation. If due to something like thalassemia, then not really but it can be managed.

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Is iron-deficient anemia curable or just treatable? Once a patient is diagnosed with it, can they be un-diagnosed? Can it go away for good? Yes or no?

Find the cause . Once the cause (heavy monthly loss, bleeding ulcer, cancer, ill-advised vegetarianism, hookworm, others) is identified and addressed, replacing the iron solves the problem. Read more...

Is anemia curable by taking extra oral vitamins like folate (folic acid)? Is B12 available orally or only by shots? Already taking iron.

Depends on the cause. Treatment of anemia has to be directed to the cause of anemia. Iron replacement for iron deficiency, folate for folate deficiency, vit B12 replacement for vit B12 deficiency etc. Vit B12 can come as oral trablet, intramuscular injection, nasal spray. I suggest you to see your doctor to find out the cause of the anemia. You need to see hematologist for more complex case. Read more...