What treatments exist for polycythemia vera?

A Few. Polycythemia vera is the overproduction of red blood cells by the bone marrow. Complications result from formation of blood clots due to the increased thickness of the blood. Therefore this is where treatment of the disorder is aimed. Blood can be drawn at intervals (phlebotomy) to decrease its thickness, and some patients are given Aspirin to reduce the risk of blood clots.

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When would a doctor suggest myelosuppressive therapy as a treatment for polycythemia vera?

Not often. Polycythemia vera is caussed by multiple factors. Typicall the treatment is theraputic phlebotomy but if you had any condition that would be negatively affected by the plebotomy or physician preference you might have this done. Consider the cuase of the condition also would affect the treatment.
See below. If the polycythemia is a risk to health, treatment is indicated. This depends upon a person's other health problems, age, spleen size, and blood counts.

I am being tested for polycythemia vera. Doc thinks I have it. If I do have it and since I didn't start treatment yet, can I still get a nose job?

See below. You are young for polycythemia vera. Why do you think you have it? Would get everything stabilized before any elective surgery.
You should not. P. Vera can cause abnormal blood clots to form and this can lead to a risk of pulmonary embolism while you are having surgery. You should not proceed with elective cosmetic surgery until the condition has been ruled out.
Probably. You would have to get medical clearance from your doctor, but probably yes you can have surgery. Make sure to tell your surgeon.
Depends in severity. Pcv can vary in severity. If your blood count is very high, certain preventive measures, treatments or medications may be recommended prior to general anesthesia.
Rhinoplasty. Discuss these issues with your surgeon and be sure your surgeon is a board certified facial plastic surgeon with expertise in these procedures.