How can you tell if you are allergic to dogs or cats?

Dog or cat allergy. Most people who are allergic to their own pets can tell they feel better when they are away from home. That's often the first clue. If when you arrive at home, you start to sneeze, itch or stop up, and/or when you wake up in the morning with you cat styling your hair in bed, your eyes are swelled shut, you might want to see an allergist and get tested.
Allergy sympoms. When you enter a house with dog or cat you will start sneezing, the nose runs and eyes itch and some times you may develop more severe symptoms. After petting a dog or cat if you touch your eyes they may swell up, get puffy, run and itch. If you a pet at home and are allergic to it, you will feel the allergy symptoms begin when you come home.