Can you be allergic to vitamin?

No. But, you can be allergic to a dye that is used in the preparation of a given vitamin.
No. But, you can be allergic to the additives that are used to cut the vitamin.
No. The body needs vitamins to function normally. There could be allergies to additives in vitamins. These additives are placed to make the vitamin in pill form.
No. Strictly speaking, vitamins are such small molecules that immune system does not react with them directly. Therefore reactions to vitamins are not likely to be allergic in nature.
Yes. Vitamins can cause allergies which may be manifested by asthma, general fatigue, runny nose, skin rashes, wheezing, and a myriad of other symptoms.
It depends uopn the . Allergens are the initiator of allergic reactions. We generally look for allergenic causing proteins which may be included in vitamin compounds.

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