Can nose sprays cause bloody nose?

Yes. They can irritate the tissue and steroid sprays can thin the nasal lining. Both cases result in increased risk of bloody nose.
Yes. Nosebleeds are one of the common potential side effects of all nasal sprays.
Yes. Yes, especially steroid nasal sprays. They cause thinning of the mucosa and skin so it's easier for the underlying blood vessels to get disturbed and tear.

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Started Rhinocort spray twice a day 4 days ago. For past 2 days ive had a bloody nose on and off. Should I stop using it? It cost me a small fortune.

An alternative to . stopping the med is to cut back to 1/2 the a daily dose and start using saline spray liberally between doses.If improved after a few days,Increace dose...and to the nose,be gentle. Read more...