Will I die if I stop vicodin cold turkey after using for 7 years?

Not usually? If a person is otherwise healthy without signicant medical problems, and vicodin is the only drug being used, not with alcohol or a valium type medications most people will not die but often feel like they are going to. With that said, severe complications could still result and at times could be life threating in rare cases, so seek medical advice first, this will increase your success and safety.
No. Stopping it cold turkey is generally not a good idea, mostly because it is rarely successful. The symptoms of opiate withdrawal - nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, anxiety, diffuse muscle, joint and bone pain, insomnia can be severe, and most people relapse to their opiate use. There are non-opioids that can help treat this (clonidine). See a doctor with expertise in this area, as well as a counselor.