Cigarettes have been my best friend for 50 years, how do I replace that?

Exercise,relaxation. Replace a bad habit with some good ones like exercise, meditation. Eft (google this for more information) is very effective for resolving addictions and many other problems such as anxierty and ptsd. Nicotine patches can help but i think the easiest way in the long run is to set a quit date and go cold turkey - after several days of cravings each day will be better.
People need people. Take brisk walks, go to more movies (now that you aren't detoxing halfway thru the show), start to exercise, meet new people, get back in touch with old people, find hobbies. Lots and lots and lots of things! congrats on the decision to stop, and hope you follow through and succeed. The billions of people in the world who do not smoke (and most have never smoked) do find ways to keep busy!