How can I regain my sense of value for money?

46, Why Bother Now. Like wisdom, you either have it or you don't. Age makes you cautious, not necessarily wise. So why bother now.Its only money and " its in giving, we receive". If any one in this great country of ours had this sense of value, do you believe our elected, mind you elected, leaders sent to washington by us..Would put us in this insatiable state..?. A huge, black, hole full of ..Nothingness !
Live without money. If one wants to gain a sense of the value of money, he can try living with almost no money. Only then will he start looking for where gas is cheaper, where groceries are cheaper, what purchases can be postponed, etc... One can try living a simpler life, and spend time doing things that don't cost money. Skipping cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, sodas, and fancy coffee drinks will save lots of money.