How long should I stay on subs to help with methadone detox?

Disuss with others. Addiction is a lifelong process, whether on a substance or not it is always there, its what you do with that that matters. Suboxone is an amazing tool for opiate addicts, relapse rates for opiate addicts is high. I have seem amazing trasformation with people on suboxone, I have also seen amazing trasformation on people who have gotten off. Not an answer to make on your own, but it is your recovery.
Should one detox? When, if ever one should detox? Once there is an addiction problem, unfortunately, the problem is usually life long. The condition is commonly associated with multiple relapses. Each return to narcotics is like playing russian roulette.....And. Each time the addicted person risks serious harm, including death. Discuss this seriously with your md before stopping suboxone/subutex please! Good luck.

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What's the outcome of methadone detox?

Off opiates. Opiate use really makes most pain problems worse. Methadone allows the patient to taper off slowly avoiding withdrawal. The nervous system resets, but it takes time for your own endorphins to work amd for hyperalgesia, excessive pain, to wear off.

What steps should I take for methadone detox?

P, S and C. You need a plan, support and committment. If you dio this alone, you are alone. Find out what your options are. If you are on methadone, it's for pain or addiction maintenence. If it's addiction, work with your clinic. They want you off. If it's pain, then ask your doc to work with you. If you are on street methadone, you need one of the above. If you are a loner, taper down and good luck.

What are the symptoms of methadone detox I should be looking for?

None if Lucky. Not sure what you mean by detox, but if you mean opioid maintenance, the symptoms should be minimal. If you mean detox as in completely gradually getting off any opioids such as heroin, oxycondone, morphine, or hydrocodone, symptoms could be severe anxiety, heart racing, sweating, tearing of the eyes, runny nose, abdominal cramps and diarrhea. Getting off Methadone can take quite a while, .
Methadone detox. Methadone can be used to detox a client addicted to opiate pain pills or heroin. For clients stabilized on Methadone for years and choose to detox from methadone, the symptoms of Methadone detox are very mild, because Methadone is a long acting opiate. Chills, diarrhea, bone pains, flulike symptoms, and opiate cravings are very, very, mild and some times pass quickly without notice.

Should I do a methadone detox inpatient or at home?

As an inpatient. Methadone needs to be managed best as an inpatient if to be done safely however it can be done as an outpatient but requires close medical supervision to monitor for compmlications. Other issues are Methadone has dangerous interactions when other medications are used.
Depends. For psychologically and medically stable patients on low dose opioids I generally try a slow outpatient taper. Sometimes its helpful to use a blinded cocktail. This means a mg amount of medication only known by your doctor is in the solution and md titrates based on symptoms. For high dose meds, sick patients, or psych unstable patients inpatient detox is warranted.
I recommend at home, very gradually, under the care of a knowledgeable addictionologist, preferably the one provider or clinic that was providing the methadone in the first place.

Can you get a methadone detox while pregnant?

Safe during pregnanc. If you are on Methadone and pregnant, continue taking it. Methadone under supervision is safe to take. For many patients, Methadone doses increase, as it is metabolized more rapidly in pregnancy.