How can I handle having gamblers as parents?

Get some help. If under 18 years old you may need to talk to a trusted adult, teacher, school counselor. Clearly if their problem is bad i would suspect some of your needs are not being meet and you may be neglected. Bottom line is that you do not have to handle it on your own, if you have your own doctor you could talk to them. You must know you did not cause the problem and can't fix it on your own.
Get supports. Family members of those who have various kinds of addictions, including gambling, often feel (sometimes simultaneously) anger, guilt, shame and frustration. Children particularly may feel that they may be, in some way, responsible for their parents' problems. Gamblers anonymous has open meetings that family members can attend. A counselor may help.
Gambler parents. You can't . Tha is for your paretns to do. You can howeve, let them know how they would fee if you decided to gamble, which of course you hopefully won't. Just gently ask who paid the bills this month so they can maybe be uncomfortable that they did not pay the bills. Be gentle and maybe guide them t a gamblers' anonymous group. Good luck and still "love your parents". They may afraid.