Released from hospital taking 18 mg/day dilaudid 4 weeks ago, tapered myself down to 1mg morning and night- if I go cold turkey tomorrow will I have withdrawal symptoms

You may. Going to nothing may cause some withdrawal, but it may be mild and tolerable, and within a week should mostly resolve. Expect fatigue, mild insomnia, loose bowel. Can take some immodium. Lots of fluids if having more symptoms or difficulty talk to your doctor.
Probably not. Trying to understand - they had you on 18 mg a day of Dilaudid in the hospital? For what? Hydromorphone is a short-acting drug, and if you have tapered down to 2 mg a day, it is unlikely you will have severe withdrawal. Symptomatic treatment of nausea, diarrhea and muscle pains, as well as clonidine, can help if you do get mild-moderate withdrawal. Get additional help or you will likely relapse.