I get addicted to anything that relieves boredom/depression what can I do?

Join a support group. A person who is easily addicted may have issues that run deeper than boredom and depression. Addiction is often an attempt to "fix" something that we feel is "broken" by applying something in excess that makes us feel better. It is helpful to find a group such as celebrate recovery, which helps people struggling with a variety of "hurts, habits and hang-ups" and welcomes a great variety of people.
Healthy variety of . Lifestyle choices that stimulate the mind and body (eg. Meditation, exercise, singing, dancing, crafts, cooking, traveling, reading, hiking, social networking) is a powerful way to deal with mild blues or depression - these are normal states and often turn around with a few days or weeks without drugs. Identify stressors at work or home, and deal with them responsibly. Create a smile from within.
Believe In Yourself. Realize your gifts and start helping and working with others who are in more need than you. Pay it forward. Utilize your talents and treasures, know your self-worth and find happiness within yourself w.O relying on external factors. Depression and addiction tendancies are a chemical imbalance. If you cannot will yourself better get help, it is often familial and steals your life away.