What are the long term consequences of botox?

Safety of Botox. There have not been long term side effects reported after Botox adminsration. Short term side effects have gone away including headache, bruising etc.
Botox & Safety. Botox is an fda approved medication for multiple conditions including ocular muscle dysfunction, migraine headaches, reduction of glabellar furrows (frown lines), hyperhidrosis (excess sweating), among other muscle disorders. It has been used safely for these conditions for decades. If used appropriately in non-pregnant, non-breastfeeding patients who are neurologically healthy, risks are very low.
Botox is very safe. Since the protein in Botox has been studied by the fda, there are very few reported long term consequences to the use of botox. Most patients are very satisfied with the reults they get from botox.
Botox longterm safe. Repeated use of Botox can lead to the muscle that is injected becoming smaller., also known as muscle atrophy. This is often a desired long term effect. The skin over the area injected also tends to wrinkle less. Occasionally, over time some of the nearby untreated muscle may try to compensate and allow some movement in the treated area.
Decreased Wrinkles. Continued use of Botox over many years would result in a significant decrease in wrinkles compared to someone who does not use botox. Whether this is a positive or negative consequence is up to the individual.
Decreased success. In some patients, Botox become less effective probably due to the development of antibodies to the Botox.
Not known. Botox is one of the safest products around but there are some theoretical long term consequences concerning continual weakening of the muscles. Like all muscles not being used, it can cause atrophy. It's not a necessarily bad thing if it's muscles you don't really need. If you have concerns, speak with your doctor about possible side-effects for the muscle groups being treated.