How will I feel emotionally after a breast reduction?

:) :( . Your response to a breast reduction can be elation, depression, excitement, disappointment, self-confidence, security, relief, pain, and a whole host of other emotional ups and downs. It really depends on your expectations as well as your emotional state prior to surgery as well as your support systems.
Usually very happy. Jane, most women feel an immense increase in their self-esteem. A huge weight has been lifted off their chest and neck pain and back pain can improve quickly. Also, many women can start exercises that they couldn't perform before surgery. This also lifts one's mood and helps with further weight loss.
Probably a lot bette. After the initial healing phase, most patients will feel immediate relief from the symptoms of neck and shoulder pain. In addition the will be happy that the breasts are perky and they can fit into their clothing more comfortably. In addition, many patients with large breasts had difficulty with sports activities and now that this is available to them, they feel much better about themselves.
Great! Most feel ecstatic and want to kick themselves for not doing sooner.
Usually very happy. The vast majority of women feel elated after breast reduction and have significant relief of symptoms related to their previously large breasts. Rarely, a woman may feel a sense of loss or feel that their breasts are too small, but this is usually short-lived. Breast reduction surgery is one of the highest patient satisfactions procedures.
Clothing & Bounce. One of the main categories of responses to my documentation of emotions after breast reduction was how they were able to feel in clothing, what they could select, what they felt comfortable in, and how the breasts felt during activities. Wearing big breasts is a major burden.
Reduction Emotion. Emotion after breast reduction depends on the problem before surgery, quality of the sculpture, skill of the surgeon and many factors best investigated before selecting your surgeon. Over the years, i found that documenting my patients' emotions key in understanding what my surgery was offering, and for my patients, what could be achieved.
Usually very happy. Breast reduction patients tend to be some of our happiestpatients. They come in with excess weight on their chest & shoulders, neck aches, & frequently poor posture. They stand up for the 1st time post op & immediately notice there is less weight, & markedly reduced neck & shoulder pain & spasm. After a few weeks they can begin light exercise, & with tight sports bras can run at about 4 weeks.
Happy. Most women after breast reduction surgery typically feel very happy for undergoing the operation. Their back, neck, and shoulder pains improve and they typically fit better in their clothes.
Thirlled. My patients are thrilled. They are esctatic about their improved quality of life. Some patients decide to add an implant to add volume and further rejuvenate and others are thrilled with having a smaller, perky, and more youthful breast.