Will a breast reduction make me look like I lost weight?

Breast Reduction. It can. It will change the proportions of your body and the way you carry yourself which can make you appear more fit.
Sometimes. Sometimes making the breasts look smaller will call attention to the abdomen- which had been hiding under those large breasts!
Quite often. Yes commonly patients will look thinner it thic can be attributable to an alteration in clothing and the ability to find and wear moreformfitting outfits rather than the larger garments that were previously employed to disguise or camouflage the large breasts that make one so self conscious.
Yes! Most women look as if they have lost weight after breast reduction.
Breast Reduction/Wt. Maybe but only after in person examination can a definitive response be given...
You will have . Lost weight- maybe even a couple of pounds and you usually will look like you've lost more and then usually do! this is because exercise is less problematic and pain is gone plus feeling better about yourself will tend to motivate better habits.
Usually. Breast reduction surgery removes excess tissue, usually 1-3 pounds per breast, so the total weight off may not be that much. But visually the reduced and lifted breasts may give the appearance of having lost 10-20 pounds.
Weight Loss Timing. Weight loss after surgery often results in new loose skin issues. Breast reduction is best after weight loss so the surgeon can sculpt the excess skin as well as residual gland and fat issues. When global fat contributes to the contour, surgery has significant limitations due to surrounding fat thickness.
The OverWeight Look. Excess fat is a global contour issue. Breast reduction alone does not change the other body shape issues seen with the excess weight. This becomes especially obvious when the body is in motion. The bouncing belly, buttock, and other regions that fat is deposited or stretched excess skin. Surgery is not the answer to global fat issues. Weight loss before surgery is often better answer.
Usually. Generally if your breasts are obviously too large for your frame, you will appear to have lost weight. Even very large people will appear to have lost weight after a breast reduction. However, if the person has a very large belly, they tend to be shocked at how prominent their belly has become after the reduction.
Depends. If a patient is thin but has very large breasts, a breast reduction will make the patient look thinner. However, an overweight patient may see less of that effect.