What can I do to reverse my skin discolorations because of aging?

See a dermatologist! There are many ways to treat sun spots, including topical products, peels, and lasers. Depending on their appearance, bleaching creams may help fade these spots. I will also use chemical peels for certain patients. Finally lasers are very effective for sun spots. Both intense pulsed light and other lasers can help minimize these spots. So see a dermatologist to go over the options.
Topicals or lasers. Products containing bleaching agents such as hydroquinone, kojic acid combined with glycolic acid or tretinoin (retin-a) can help lighten brown discolorations. Lasers, ipl (intense pulsed light), chemical acid peels more more effective than topicals. Lasers and ipl have the advantage of treating both brown and red discolorations while chemical peels treat brown but not red.