How can I reduce the appearance of cellulite?

Combination therapy. There are multiple methods available to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite including: mechanical stimulation, mesotherapy, radiofrequency and lasers. Cellulite is such a pervasive problem that I have spent years researching different technologies. So far, the best best results I have seen were from the smoothshapes® device using a combination of mechanical, laser and led technology.
Cellulite treatment. Most topical treatments are ineffective or temporary. Cellulite is caused by bands under the skin. Cellulaze is a surgical laser that treats cellulite under the skin by breaking the bands, melting the fat, and can also provide some skin tightening. You can start seeing results as early as a few months after treatment. See for more info: http://www.Spsboca.Com/cellulaze-cellulite-removal.Html.