How can I improve my body image?

Investigate "why" There are a myriad of reasons why we don't like our bodies. Improving it takes knowing something about why you feel that way. And that takes talking it over with someone you can trust and who can help you find some answers and also help you develop solutions. It is not easy to do that, but it is certainly possible. Simple things such as good diet, exercise and sleep habits are a good start.
Question Messages. Something to think about: what kind of messages have you picked up from movies you seen? Tv shows? Magazines you've read? Ask yourself how these one-dimensional messages have shaped how you see yourself? You might want to take a look at ways therapists help female clients with this. E.G., see text for therapists by dr. Julie ancis:
? What U don't like. If u feel over weight , cut down u calorie intake and exercise and hopefully that will make u feel better.

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As a cancer surgery survivor, how can I improve my body image?

This is up to you. Much of body image is how you feel about yourself. Everybody wants to look their best, but after a point, it is how you feel about yourself that is probably the main factor. If you can feel good with what you have done to improve your body image, then that is enough. Options like support groups can help by seeing other people who are dealing with the same issues you are and how to handle them. Read more...