Will clonidine and sertraline help me with Suboxone withdrawal?

Clonodine will. Clonodine does help someone cope with the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. I usually add this medication into the titration initial hours when the patient has alot of GI symptoms of withdrawal. I generally recommend taking Suboxone and not just going off opioids due to the very high rate of relapse.
It depends. Clonidine can help with certain aspects of opiate withdrawal, such as feeling shaky, but may not help as much with other withdrawal symptoms like diarrhea and aches and pains. Sertraline, may help with some depression associated with coming off opiates. Overall, one is always better off seeing a physician who is familiar with opiate withdrawal and how to best manage all of the symptoms.

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Can Valium be taken with hydroxyzine and clonidine during suboxone withdrawal??

Talk to your doctor. You need close medical supervision if on this combination of medication. Sedation and respiratory suppression are the main concerns. Don't do it alone. Seek medically supervised detox.

Hello I'm prescribed clonidine. 01mg for bp and was wondering if any nasty drug interactions happen with Suboxone for withdrawal. Beside BP drop.

Clonidine Suboxone. Both agents can lower the blood pressure, lightheadedness dizziness would be symptoms of this. Discussed this further with your local prescriber or on health tap concierge.

I took suboxone too soon after opiaye use - can I take clonidine to relieve at least a little of the precipitated withdrawals? Please I am in pain

Talk to your doctor. The answer to your question is "yes" you can take clonidine to alleviate opiate withdrawal symptoms precipiated by Suboxone. You can also take additional comfort medications such as Motrin, Bentyl, (dicyclomine) and Immodium for muscle aches, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea respectively. Hope this information helps.

What are some ways to relieve Suboxone withdrawal symptoms?

If we only knew... That's the "holy grail! " I believe if we knew this answer, there would be much less drug abuse in the world. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula or medication (or vitamin or herb) that really helps. Anyone who tells you differently is almost certainly trying to sell you something. However, that said, keep in mind we are all different. Some things work and others don't for some people.
NA. Narcotics anonymous is a 12 step support group for people who want to stop using drugs. Often times, a person feels better when they know others are going thru similar things. You should try and find an na meeting close by and start attending. The people who do the best try and attend 90 meetings in 90 days. If you need Suboxone treatment, you need to see a doctor who can prescribe it for you.