How do Suboxone tapers work?

Change lifestyle. It is easy to taper off suboxone. However, the likelihood of relapse is high, if it was done prematurely before making positive changes in one's life. The positive and successful steps toward recovery are to change the life style, achieve better job performance, establish stable family life, or control the legal and financial damages caused by addiction.
Slowly. Tapering off suboxone(a combination of 2 potent medicine in and of themselves) is something that should be done slowly; and under the guidance of an addiction medicine specialist. Tapering too quickly has it's own 'side-effects', and the tendency to relapse grows greatly. Best of luck!
Gradual. Gradual decrease in dose adjusted to every specific patient - this is best determined by a doctor. Most patients will need to remain on suboxone due to high risk of relapse. Best wishes.
It Depends. Each case is different. The length of time a person may need to stay on suboxone may depend on several factors including the length of time the person abused opiates, how potent was the opiate abused, how high a daily dose, the route they used (i.e. Intravenous, intranasal, by mouth, etc) and finally, whether the person has a family history of addictions. Slowly tapering suboxone is usually best.