Anyone know the best way to get off suboxone, without having to experience withdrawals, or anxiety?

See below. Anxiety and withdrawal symptoms can look very similar, and are very common at the end of your course of suboxone. Go slow and have confidence in your self and the doctor you are working with.
Slowly taper off. Slowly taper off suboxone. However, the likelihood of relapse is high, if it was done prematurely before making positive changes in one's life. The positive and successful steps toward recovery are to change the life style, achieve better job performance, establish stable family life, or control the legal and financial damages caused by addiction.
No. Suboxone tapering will result in withdrawal, so it should be done as slowly and as comfortably as possible for you and with no sense of urgency. The goal should be for you to gradually come off if possible and then switch over to Naltrexone or vivitrol if relapse remains a concern or if cravings start up again. Best wishes to you for a successful and long-lived recovery.
YES. Best to work with the physician and do a taper slowly over time. Depends on the dose and how long you have been on drugs to determine the taper.
See the Doctot. The best answer is to see an addiction specialist or pain management practitioner. This is never something to be done by yourself!