Can naltrexone be used for a food addiction?

Possibly. One drug company is trying to get approval for a medication that combines Naltrexone with bupropion for the treatment of obesity. Thier is evidence that high sugar/fatty foods cause a release of endorphins. I personally have tried it on a few of my obese patients and they do not seem to find it as helpful or tolerate it as well as my alcohol dependent patients. It is not indicated at this time.
Absolutely. I have successfully used it in combo with Phentermine and saw >10% weight loss. In order to work optimally , it has to be used twice daily which could increase risk of liver disease but I have not seen this happen yet.
Low dose. Check the website http://www.Lowdosenaltrexone.Org/ - low dose Naltrexone helps stimulate brain endorphins and will help.