Can Narcan (naloxone) sober up a drunk person?

Great Question. Per Naloxone Info.Org, Narcan is specific for opioids so it would not be used for problems due to alcohol ingestion. . However, there are a few case studies in which Narcan was reported to reverse alcohol related coma. REF:
No. Narcan (naloxone) is specifically used to reverse the effects of narcotics and other similar medications. It has no "reversing" effect on alcohol.
Absolutely not. Don't administer it for this purpose. Only use this if there's reason to think the person has overdosed on an opiate.
No. No.
Alcohol is a poison that never did anybody any good, ever, so stay away from it.

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Can Narcan (naloxone) sober up a drunk person?

Depends on the time . It does not make a drunk person undrunk, but it does improve the chances of recovery from alcoholism. Read more...

Could Narcan (naloxone) sober up a drunk person?

Alcohol poisoning. This is a pretty good summery : <a href="http://wiki.Answers.Com/q/can_you_use_narcan_to_treat_alcohol_poisoning" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://wiki.Answers.Com/q/can_you_use_narcan_to_treat_alcohol_poisoning</a> that said suboxone in non-acute situations has been shown clinically to curb alcohol craving along with opiate craving, however, it is not approved for alcohol use. Read more...