What effects will alcohol have on me if I'm taking an amoxicillin prescription?

Depends. I wish people would talk about how much of what they are drinking how often! one drink, or two, once or twice a week, will not have any impact. If you are drinking more than that, it decreases your body's ability to fight infection, and is not good for you. People who drink to excess have more infections, and more severe ones. There is no particular interaction with Amoxicillin to my knowledge.
Hmmmm? Usually Amoxicillin and alcohol would hold no major untoward effect. However, why would you mix the two? If ill, you need to be taking care of yourself, getting plenty of rest, liquids, nutriition, sleep and taking medications appropriately. Alcohol has no place here. Abstain from use until you have finished your medications and healed, then you may resume reasonable use of alcolol if at all.