I never crave alcohol but when I drink I don't stop until I black out. Is this considered a drinking problem?

Yes. Yes, you have complete loss of control when you do drink. Even if only on occasion this could cause many consequences. Your brain has uncontrollable craving after that first drink. And you even have cravings before the first drink because why else would you ever drink at all if you know what happens when you do. Think about it. Seek some support to talk about this.
Yes. A blackout, for most people, is extraordinarily frightening. Not remembering how you got home, whether you drove or not, or got into a fight or not, will influence most people not to drink that much again. If it hasn't had that effect on you, you have a problem. Blackouts are dangerous and can result in personal injury, sexual assault (which appears consensual) and huge problems. Get help now!